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HR Coordinator  at Studio 201 located in St . Catharines. On. I was on the  management team for the open studio life drawing sessions.  My duties included HR and expanded session leader/ manager. As Coordinator I created polices and terms for the studio and art model conduct including workplace safety and health . I oversaw the model management, scheduling, training, skill development and communication.  The implementation of these policies and their success has led to other arts organizations requesting me to act in an advisory role for the development of similar policies. My other duties included interviewing and hiring.

While drawing and working at the studio, I observed the opportunity for training and developing art model's skills and challenge of communication between art models and artists. To address this I wrote a guide "Life Drawing and Art Model's Guide to Posing and More 2016(C)"  Along with the guide I produced, I held a workshop for art models. The result collected via feedback was positive and immediate impact on operations for both art models and artists. Patron attendance increased for the studio and art model retention significantly improved. I have been approached by other arts organizations to teach this workshop because of these results.

Studio 201 is well attended by artists in the creative fields such as designers, exhibit designers, animators, props and small scale model builders, heritage conservators, scenic film/ theatre painters, professional artists, art instructors, art students, students building portfolios for art schools and is open to those just introducing themselves to life drawing. I am also an artist and attended the life drawing session regularly.  For more information on this, I invite you to visit my studio website www.jjarosstudio.com

For policies/terms on life drawing  please visit https://www.jjarosstudio.com/recent-events

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